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Image Share Reward Program

To help more members appreciate the art of car modification, we encourage members of AutoModZone community to submit electronic photographs of modified cars.

Images must also be in compliance with the following rules:

1. You may only contribute photos that you have taken yourself or that you have all rights to transmit and license and which do not violate trademark, copyright, privacy or any other rights of any other person or entities.

2. You may not contribute photos that contain expressions of hate, abuse, offensive images or conduct, or any material that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under applicable law or regulations.

3. By uploading a photo, (a) you grant AutoModZone permission to use the image on any AutoModZone web site or AutoModZone publication; and (b) you agree to indemnify AutoModZone and hold AutoModZone harmless from any and all claims and expenses, including attorneys′ fees, arising from the photo and/or your failure to comply with these rules.


How to upload images?
Email before and after pictures of your vehicle to with subject ‘show my MOD’. Please also include your eBay username and/or email account on if possible.

How do I get a reward coupon?
Our photo review team will review all uploaded pictures. You’ll receive notification email with 5% discount reward coupon if pictures are approved by review team.
The decision of the photo review team is final.

How long will I receive the reward coupon? How long will the review take?
Please allow 10-15 business days for our photo review team to finish the review.

Does the reward coupon expire?
Image Share reward coupon will expire 60 days from issue.

How many times could I use the reward coupon? How many coupons could I apply in one order?
Only one coupon per transaction is permitted. Each reward coupon could be used only once.

Do I need to signup for this program? How much is it?
NO signup is required, and there are NO fees to be a part of the program. However, you’ll need to register on to apply the reward coupon to your purchase.

Can I apply the reward coupon to purchase on eBay?
No. this reward coupon could ONLY be used on

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